A new breed of in-car radio

Radioplayer, a non-for profit partnership between the BBC and commercial radio is an organisation aimed at growing online radio listening. They enlisted us to design an engaging user-friendly interface for the car radio, an often overlooked, clunky user experience. With the likes of streaming services, such as Spotify and Apple vying for listeners attention it was time for the radio to get a much-needed overhaul bringing it up to date so it remains a staple of the in-car entertainment system. No mean feat!

car radio interface design

The challange

There are many challenges when designing an interface to be used within a car as driver distraction could have drastic consequences. So a clean, clear layout was paramount. Avoiding any undue ‘design clutter’ so information and navigation cues could be gathered at a quick glance.

The search function was a particular element that needed careful consideration. The user needed to be able to easily search a station without having to navigate fiddley controls. We designed a large search wheel into the UI and this was coupled with voice control so stations could be searched with ease.

car radio ui design
radio ui design
car radio ui design

UX design

Along with introducing voice control, extra thought was given to how the native steering wheel controls would interact with the interface as well as introducing gestures like swiping and long-press to the functionality.


It was a fun challenge thinking up ways of making the user experience more adapted to the car environment.

car radio ui design

Linked content

With some radio service providers offering the ability to subscribe to content, they wanted to carry that feature through seamlessly into the car experience so the user can access their favorite shows and podcasts via the interface.

radio ux design
car radio ux design


The designs have been developed into a working prototype that is being presented to the main car manufacturers around the world in the hope they will adopt the idea into their car production and let radio retain its crown as the go-to for in-car entertainment.

Car radio interface design for RadioPlayer

Communication was on point and all Reference Radio deadlines were met which made for assets delivered on time and budget....truly outstanding design work.

- Livvy Adjei - Digital Project Manager, RadioPlayer

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